Miele SES118 Hose

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The SES118 Hose Fits The Following Models

  • S514 Mango Red 
  • S516 Cat&Dog 
  • S518 Medivac 
  • S524 Crystal 
  • S524 Mercury 
  • S528 Filtration Gaurd 
  • S548 Aluminum 
  • S548 Champagne 
  • S5 Monte Verde 

The Miele SES118 electric hose fits the S500 series with direct connect. This hose features a 360° swivel handle for greater flexibility and a on/off fingertip switch for the powerhead. The SES118 electric hose pairs with SET210 or SET220 electric telescopic wands. It is important to match the handle to your old hose. If you are unsure if this hose will fit your model please call us at 1-800-322-2965 and one of our vacuum experts will be able to get you the right hose for your model.

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