SEBO Softcase CE12 Lightweight Upright Vacuum

The new SOFTCASE CE12 Lightweight upright vacuum offers a powerful deep clean to carpets and hard floors with its unique impeller technology, and comes with a complimentary 3-Year warranty!
The SEBO SOFTCASE CE12 Lightweight vacuum is a mechanical vacuum that includes electrical components only in the power head. No electrical components are found in the bag housing or handle, reducing the number of electrical connectors and enhancing reliability. Additionally, the on/off switch is conveniently located on the power head, allowing users to activate it with their foot. 
The filter bag housing has a soft textile material and opens with a two-way zipper. This material is durable, lightweight, and shockproof, ensuring no damage to walls or furniture. The impeller pulls dirt in from the rotating brush and transports it into the removable filter bag through the air channel. Despite its low power rating of 400 watts, the SOFTCASE CE12 generates an impressive airflow of 27 litres per second, making it a simple and efficient system.
Additional Features:
  • Ultra-lightweight softcase bag housing
  • On/Off switch located on the power head
  • Toothed belt drive with protection clutch
  • Quick-change mechanism for the brush roller
  • Release pedal with overload protection
  • Voltage – 120 volts
  • Amperage – 4.1 amps
  • Air Volume – 27 L/s
  • Filter Bag – 5.5 L, 4-layer
  • Working Width – 12 inches
  • Weight – 12.7 lbs without cord / 15.4 lbs with cord
  • Sound Pressure Level – 85 db(A)
Sebo CE12 Softcase Upright Vacuum
Sebo CE12 Softcase Upright Vacuum
Sebo CE12 Softcase Upright VacuumSebo CE12 Softcase Upright Vacuum
Sebo CE12 Softcase Upright Vacuum
Efficient Impeller Technology
A 17,000 rpm impeller is driven by a toothed belt. A separate toothed belt drives the brush. This system makes the most efficient use of the motor power for powerful suction and brush action.
Adjustable Power Head
The power head features a four-stage height adjustment, so it can be used on any height of surface (from hard floor to carpet). The On/Off switch is also located on the power head.
Foot Pedal Stress Release
The quick-release foot pedal maximizes durability, by relieving excessive stress or force on the handle and bag housing when it’s in the upright, locked position.
Large Volume Filter Bag
The SEBO SOFTCASE CE12 has a sealable four-layer electret filter bag with ultra-fine microfiltration and a volume of 5.5 litres.
Thirty-nine-foot Cord
A 39-foot power cord saves time, by reducing the number of electrical outlet changes needed during use.
Practical Cleaning Access
The cleaning flap on the bottom of the power head allows easy access into the air channel to remove blockages.
Removable Brush Roller
The brush roller can easily be removed, without tools, for replacement or to remove tangled hairs and fibers.
Safety Mechanism Shut-off
In case of a blockage or overload, the unit switches off automatically in the locked, upright position (park position), and the brush lifts to protect your floor.

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